Irene Barnes


Irene joined Starfish Family Resources in June 2019. She brings to the team over 12 years of experience working in the human service field. Irene has a passion for working with children and families affected by trauma in hopes of helping them overcome obstacles and pain in their journey to their new normal.  This has been and continues to be the driving force in the roles and projects she has undertaken throughout her career.

Irene believes that the psychosocial health of a family is interconnected, each part affects the other. Everyone is important and therefore deserves to be respected and heard.

Irene was part of a four-person team who developed and run a pilot program for the University of Regina’s Social Work department to address resentment needs for children and families in response to the 2016 Syrian Refugee crisis. Following the success of the pilot, Irene accepted to run the program the following year which then became a yearly run program for the university.

Irene served in the Canadian Forces for 5 years. She currently works as a Social Worker with Norquest College and volunteers with Canadian Mental Health Association.

Irene is a registered social worker and lives with her husband and two active little ones in Edmonton, AB. When she is not chasing after her little guys, she enjoys writing children’s programs and just enjoying nature.