The Next Chapter

Starfish Family Resources is proud to train community based volunteers to run the Rainbows peer support program in their community agencies.

What is Rainbows?

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Rainbows runs in a variety of community based settings like churches, schools or community agencies. We always recommend that you first check with your school to see if they are a registered site and running programs that will work for your child. Otherwise, here is a list of current public access community programs.

Facilitator Training and Site Licensing

Starfish Family Resources provides training workshops for Rainbows Facilitators and Coordinators for central and northern Alberta program sites several times per year, through our certified Rainbows Registered Directors.

Coordinator training (1.5-2 hours) covers Coordinator responsibilities, which include organizing the groups, program promotion, Facilitator recruitment and mentoring, ordering materials, funding needs, record keeping, etc. Each Rainbows Site needs a trained Coordinator, who is also one of the Facilitators.

The 8 hour Facilitator workshop covers Rainbows program components and resources for groups ranging from preschoolers to adults, as well as:

  • Personal work on understanding grief
  • Facilitation skills and helping children to express their feelings
  • Active listening skills
  • Difficult behaviours
  • Confidentiality and disclosures
  • Facilitator training also includes hands–on sessions in small groups